A Cornish Festival in Moonta

Kernewek Lowender Festival

Many descendants of the Cornish miners still live in the Copper Coast Triangle today and have great reason to celebrate their unique heritage.

First held in 1973, the Kernewek Lowender Festival was intended to celebrate all things Cornish in the Copper Coast area. Kernewek Lowender means Cornish Happiness and it certainly made the local businesses happy when thousands of interstate and overseas visitors joined local South Australians seeking some excellent Cornish cuisine and culture.

This celebration re-invigorated the Copper Triangle and established the area as a holiday destination and tourist hub. Historical old buildings and mines were restored and became museums. The National Trust is very active in the area and there are many restored places which can be visited.

The Kernewek Lowender Festival or Copper Coast Cornish Festival takes over the towns of Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo in mid to late May in odd years only. Large crowds come to enjoy the festivities and celebrate all that is Cornish.

The festival itself is a great draw card for tourists and so it continues as a biennial event in May every odd year. What sort of events are there? Click here for a full list of what was in the 2017 Kernewek Lowender.

The descendants of those original Cornish miners take pride in their roots and plan for months in advance for the next event. The dates for the 2019 Kernewek Lowender will be confirmed at their AGM in October 2017.

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